Analyzing the Transforming Era of Law and Democracy vis-à-vis the Idea of Social Justice

Bhaskar Singh
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A Major Struggle for Social Justice is Lacking in a true sense


Law is the eternal principle and wide expression of social justice. The implementation of law acts as a driving force for a social institution, and the law has been held to be supreme in all aspects of life. Thus, law plays a crucial role in shaping the national integrity of democracy on a holistic plane. The law encompasses multitudinous facets in the context of transforming social trends, stressing the very idea of a veritable democratic institution and a fair interplay of social justice. Law adjoins the reinforced chain of social justice with the ideal paradigm of a democratic nation and endorses the spirit of progressive democracy in terms of social, economic, political, religious, and cultural unity. But the fact is that law is ineffectual until it is being pursued with the intent of establishing a happy and satisfied democracy. Therefore, the endeavor should be to create a common platform for analyzing the fundamental ethics of law enforcement and its profound impact on the structure of society.

Distortion of Social Justice: A Grounded Approach

In the contemporary era, the state of the severe dilemma is not in the context of promoting big law firms, law organizations, or brandishing the international chain of law society on a wide platform, but the primary lacuna lies in channelizing the true essence of law or injecting the very foundational pillar of the law, i.e., the feeling of social justice in the minds of the population. Social justice is a productive outcome of law, but rather than emphasizing this major principle, today’s law has been subject to a pessimistic outlook of injustice and exploitation on a broad scale. Therefore, it is a very sensitive issue and needs much focus from all corners of the world. The era of exploitation has begun by molding the spirit of the law and its essential principles, which certainly undermines the idea of social justice.

Misinterpretation of the Principles of Law

It would not be erroneous to delineate the fact that Law, State, and Society are strongly intertwined with each other within the ideal framework of a democratic nation if the law is not being promoted with the intent of social justice, then state and society would collapse instantaneously. So, the huge gap in analyzing the pivotal significance of law remains within the core structure of democracy, which is gradually hollowing the roots of social justice. The law is not merely meant for fantasizing about different theoretical aspects of development. If it fails to fulfill its primary objective, i.e., social justice, there cannot arise a question of a constructive democracy anyhow.


Therefore, it becomes the prime responsibility of the citizens of the country to rethink and reframe the true essence of law analogous to the principle of social justice. The moment law becomes deviated from its path of protecting social justice, it becomes impure and advocates sin. It’s totally upon us how to implement the powers of law to transform the outlook of democracy at the grassroots level.



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