Money v. Real Happiness

Bhaskar Singh
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Today, in the modern world, people are extremely engrossed in making money and fulfilling their desires, that there is no time left for thinking about internal peace and happiness, which is the most significant part of a living force. Identifications with status, power, beauty, knowledge, renunciation, and fame are so strongly intertwined within the societal framework that it becomes arduous to look at the other side of life, i.e., our inner world. We tend to make connections throughout our life with people, objects, and places but being subjected to temporary affiliations in this world, at every point of our life, we easily become diluted from the setbacks that life throws at us. It seems to be a challenging task to overcome one’s ignorant concept of life. Let’s discuss it in more detail.

Pleasure or Source of Suffering

Human beings are driven by the source of pleasure at every moment of life. We are constantly striving hard to win in the race of life, and possess a keen desire to become more successful in terms of money, fame, etc. but have we ever thought that having these things even to the extreme able to satisfy our hearts? The majority of people in a fury would answer this question as Yes, the amalgamates and achievements of this world can satisfy our hearts but the real answer lies within their inner world, which they tend to conceal from the whole world.

Money is not the real solution to our problems

Money can provide you with a good house but is not eligible to give you good people. Money can provide you with a nice bed but not a sound and healthy sleep. Money can make you a superstar in the eyes of the world but cannot satisfy your heart anyhow. Therefore, money is not a real solution to the problems of life until our mind is hankering for more and more. We are lost in our world of hypocrisy and selfishness, totally rejecting to take care of the beautiful inner world, which always supports us, when we are alone with our tale of miseries.

The Enigma of Societal Expectations: Can Money Resolve This?

However, the world may see you as a great superstar, magician, technician, etc., but they cannot peep inside your heart and see what story of misery might have broken you. Today, the state of the severe dilemma is that we have forgotten the real purpose of life, and just pushing ourselves in the direction of societal expectations on a comprehensive scale. The real purpose of life has broken, and carrying shattered pieces of our story, we are moving from one place to the other. It is so wonder-shocking that the facets of life which are the most crucial pillars of our true self remains unturned in the darkness of our emotional ecstasies, and we run behind the broken pieces of glass throughout our life to saturate societal demands and expectations.


It is not like I am against earning money but today I feel to enshrine the principle that if money is lost, nothing is lost, and if inner peace is distorted, our life is severely impacted by the venom of selfishness, pride, envy, greed, lust, and illusion. Therefore, we have to understand the value of this life and try to give much time to grooming our inner world rather than being the slaves of societal expectations at various stages of life.
At last, happiness and internal satisfaction matter, not your achievements, status, influence, etc.
Every story ends in the coffin, and a new emerging story in the search for real happiness develops again from there.



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